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Technical Specifications:

Equipment: iPad2 or higher
ios version 8 or higher

Recommend: iPad2 with wi-fi 3G for streaming live connection.

May use: iPad2 with wi-fi only but must purchase a badelf GPS to use for geo-location functionality

PC: Supports common browsers, Firefox, Chrome, IE 9 & 10, Safari

Tips & Hints

Want to delete an observation or a report? Just swipe your finger across the area, for a delete button.

Tired of scrolling through all your fields to find the one you want? Just touch the field on the map and it will zoom to that field name on the tree.

Need details on your field? Just hold down on the field in the map to see the name, grower, and acre info.

Verify report submissions. Reports & photos completed and submitted 'offline' need to be synced in the accounts tab.

Do you have the wrong date? Just click on the date in the tree and you can change before submission.